Strengthen your spiritual life by connecting with our weekly services!


Each weekly service has a different purpose.  If you desire to become strong in your Christian life, then you are encouraged to attend every service that is offered at Calvary Baptist Church.

Sunday Morning Worship Service

The Sunday Morning Worship Service is at 11a.m. every Sunday morning. The purpose of this service is to be encouraged by the singing and challenged by the practical preaching of God's Word. In this service we sing some of the great hymns of the faith, our choir will sing a powerful song, and our pastor will preach a message from God's Word. We encourage you to bring your bible and follow along. 

Sunday Afternoon Service

The Sunday Afternoon Service is at 1:00p.m. every Sunday afternoon. This service is immediately after our fellowship lunch which we have each Sunday. In this service we typically are going through a diiferent series that will help you in your daily walk with Christ. We often like to get into the "meat of the Word" in these afternoon services. 

Wednesday Prayer&Praise Service

The Wednesday Service is at 7p.m. every Wednesday night.  This service has often been described as the most important service of the week.  In this service, we gather to pray as a congregation for the ministries and people of this church.  We also spend time praying for our community and its leaders. During this time we learn about the character and names of God so that we may more perfectly worship Him.  If you are discouraged, you are encouraged to attend this uplifting service.  It will truly strengthen your relationship with God.


Attending a service is always better than just listening to one.  But, if you are unable to attend because you are sick, out of town, or tied up at work, than you are encouraged to listen to any of the weekly services we livestream every service through our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/clvry/.

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