We believe in salvation by grace through faith: that salvation is the free gift of God to all who place their faith and trust in Christ alone.  We believe that salvation is neither merited nor secured in part or in whole by any virtue or work of man, but received only by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom all true believers have as a present possession the gift of eternal life, a perfect righteousness, and sonship in the family of God.  We believe in the deliverance and security of the believer from all condemnation, therefore kept by God's power and are thus secure in Christ forever.  We believe that all true believers have every spiritual resource needed for life and godliness, and the
divine guarantee that they shall never perish.  We believe that this salvation affects the whole man, and that apart from Christ there is no possible salvation.  Ephesians 2:8, 9; Titus 3:5; John 1:12, 3:14, 10:28, 29; Romans 8:1; Philippians 1:6.
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